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Press Release
Thursday, June 06, 2013

Each Saturday when it was time to go racing at Grandview Speedway Shawn Reimert felt bad that he had to leave and miss out on his son, Louden’s, racing activities. He has become quite a talent in Slingshot racing.
 While Shawn would be racing his Kochel Equipment No. 58s NASCAR 358 Modified at Grandview he would often think about what was happening with Louden’s racing efforts. His mind would wonder, did I give him the right setup, the right tires and he thought how much he wanted to be with his son.
 And Louden wanted his Dad to be with him. So now Shawn is giving up his Saturday racing at Grandview to devote his time to his son’s Slingshot racing.
 Don’t get it wrong, Shawn will still be around. He wants to make some of the big midweek shows.
 Back on June 1st when Reimert missed the Saturday night show at Grandview it was the first time in 18 years that he was not racing. And before that he was involved when his dad, Terry, was racing.
 The 43-year-old racer just wanted everyone to know that he was not leaving Grandview because of any problems with management. “The Rogers family has always been great with us,” said Reimert. “There is nothing wrong with anything at the track. Grandview is tops as a race track. I have been fortunate to race at Grandview.”
 Just recently Louden had a $1500 night. The 12 year old, racing in the Sr. Slingshot division (that means he races with competition that is a lot older than he is), topped a 46 car field in the Spring Spectacular at Shellhammer Speedway. He broke the qualifying record, set a record in the Cash Dash and won the 50-lap main event. Because of a rainout at Grandview Shawn was able to see his son have such a great night of racing success. It got him thinking about spending more time with him.
 Louden races three or four times a week. Not long ago the sixth grade honor student had six race events in eight nights.
 He is keeping the sponsors happy. Included are Christman’s Meats in Oley, Rhoades Livestock Hauling in Fredrick and Swavely’s Garage along with support from family members.
 “I am thankful for the great team I have had including my Dad,” said Shawn. “A lot of effort put into the racing by the team members and the family. To be fair to all I was not focused 100 percent on race nights so my wife and I decided it was time to give up Grandview and put our efforts behind our son.”
 Louden is 12 years old and has been racing since he was five. It looks like he will have a bright career ahead of him.
 He will have his Dad and all his family behind him.
 Shawn and the family will be missed at Grandview on Saturday nights. They have been an important part of racing at Grandview. We wish them the best with growing Louden’s career.