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Press Release
Saturday, July 19, 2008

BECHTELSVILLE, PA JULY 20, 2008 . . . The final laps of the 30-lap Hatfield Quality Meats NASCAR 358 Modified feature at Grandview Speedway on Saturday night was a seesaw battle between former champion Terry Meitzler and current point leader Jeff Strunk with Meitzler getting the win by just inches at the finish line.
Randy Stoudt went to the front in the 20-lap Late Model feature with eight laps remaining and never looked back to take his third win of the season. The 15-lap Glick Fire Equipment Co. Central Pennsylvania Legends feature was won by Todd McCollum.
Chris Esposito led the starting field to the green and set the pace for the first three laps of 30-lap Modified feature race before a three car tangle that included Doug Manmiller, Rick Schaffer and Mike Gular brought out the caution.
On the restart Esposito was again in charge with Tom Umbenhauer applying pressure. With seven laps complete Shawn Reimert came to a stop in turn two bringing out the caution and closing up the field bringing Terry Meitzler into the picture as a factor in the battle for the lead.
With 12 laps in the record book Tom Umbenhauer was out with a flat tire and a red flag, for a medical emergency, brought the field to a stop. Terry Meitzler was in the front while Chris Esposito held second.
On the restart Meitzler was in charge but a five car pileup brought out a caution that again closed up the field. Meitzler again took command when the green came out and he had Esposito and Jeff Strunk to contend with.
With 15 laps completed Strunk was running the low groove and putting pressure on the leader Meitzler who was making his Berks Products No. 81 work in the high groove.
The duo rain side-by-side, Strunk low and Meitzler high, lap after lap in a battle that had fans standing on their seats. At the finish some fans thought Strunk had won and some thought Meitzler gained the win. Officials declared Meitzler the winner by the narrowest of margins.
“I did not know who won at the finish,” said Meitzler (Kutztown) in victory lane. “I gave him (Strunk) room and he gave me room. It was a great win for our team.” Meitzler had started in 11th while Strunk came from 16th.
Strunk (Mohnton) unsure of the finish actually drove his car to victory lane but was assured by officials that the correct decision was made. Kerry Kratz (Bechtelsville) had a strong third place finish with Ryan Godown (Ringoes) getting fourth followed by Meme DeSantis (Temple) coming from 25th starting spot.
Wayne Pfeil Jr. was in front as the green flag dropped for the 20-lap Late Model feature with Ed Trimbur close behind. Pfeil (Mohnton) was the man to beat for the first 12 laps of the main event before Randy Stoudt, coming from 9th starting spot, was able to charge past both leader Pfeil and challenger Trimbur to take the top spot.
In the closing laps Mike Kellner came to the front and tried to challenge Stoudt for the win but the laps ran out before he could make a serious effort.
At the finish Stoudt (Pottstown), in his TP Trailers/Merkel Rebar  No. 118, had a comfortable lead over second place Mike Kellner (Lansdale). Ed Trimbur (Boyertown) held on for third followed by Wayne Pfeil Jr. (Mohnton) and Kyle Merkel (Gilbertsville).
The Central PA. Legends feature had Paul McCollum in front at the start of the 15-lapper. McCollum was able to stay in the lead for eight laps before his brother Todd took control of the race. Once in front Todd McCollum (Bridgewater, NJ) was able to lead the balance of the feature to gain the victory. Second went to Brian Weitzel followed by Scott Houdeshell (coming from 15th starting spot), Jason Rochelle (who spun on the backstretch early in the feature) and Bill Diehl (who had started on the pole).
Qualifying heats for the Legends went to Randy Kissinger, Reed Salony and Paul McCollum while the consolation race was won by Jim Black.
In the NASCAR Modifieds qualifying events were won by Mike Gular, Chris Esposito, Tom Umbenhauer and Craig VonDorhen. Consolation wins went to Ryan Grim and Tommy Scheetz Jr.
Late Model qualifiers had victories going to Mike Kellner, Kyle Merkel and Ed Trimbur.
The Cornerstone Auto Sales Hard Charger awards, worth $50 to each driver, went to Meme DeSantis in the Modifieds gaining 20 spots after starting 25th and finishing 5th in the feature, while in the Late Models the award was earned by John Giesler who started 22nd and finished 11th gaining 11 positions.
The Salvage Transport Determination Award, worth $30, went to Harry Henning III as the last car on the lead lap in the Late Model feature.
The Dan’s Deli of Boyertown Halfway Leader Awards went to Terry Meitzler in the Modified feature and Wayne Pfeil in the Late Model main event.
Brian Shuey earned a $50 gift certificate from Cargo Trailer Sales for finishing in 10th spot in the Late Model feature race.
United Racing Company sprint cars are featured in a doubleheader show on Saturday, July 26th at 7:30 p.m. along with the NASCAR 358 Modifieds.
Zuber Realty will be the sponsor. Adult admission for this show is $20, $5 for youngsters 6 through 11 and under 6 are admitted free when accompanied by a paying adult.
Coming up on Saturday, August 2nd is the Forrest Rogers Memorial 50 lap championship for the NASCAR 358 Modifieds paying $10,000 to win. In addition the Late Models will be racing. The night is run in memory of the founder of Grandview Speedway. Adult admission will be $20.
Admission for regular Saturday nights is $13 for adults, $5 for youngsters 6 thru 11 and under 6 are admitted free with a paying adult. There is always free parking on the speedway grounds and fans are invited to enjoy the wide array of concessions available at the track or are free to bring their food and refreshments.
Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road, just off Route 100, Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown.  For information check in at or telephone 610.754.7688.

30-LAP Hatfield Quality Meats NASCAR 358 MODIFIED STOCK CAR FEATURE FINISH: 1. Terry Meitzler 2. Jeff Strunk 3. Kerry Kratz 4. Ryan Godown 5. Meme DeSantis 6. Danny Erb 7. Jason Hamilton 8. Chris Esposito 9. Brad Brightbill 10. Don Norris 11. Sean Merkel 12. Doug Manmiller 13. Rick Schaffer 14. Marc Fehr 15. Tommy Scheetz Jr. 16. Cliff Quinn 17. Glenn Owens 18. Ryan Grim 19. Jon Kellner Jr. 20. Tom Umbenhauer 21. Jason Smythe (Rest of finishing did not finish) 22. Don Keefer 23. Kevin Hirthler 24. Craig VonDohren 25. Brad Missimer 26. Danny Hieber 27. Mike Gular 28. Shawn Reimert
20 LAP Hatfield Quality Meats NASCAR LATE MODEL FEATURE FINISH: 1. Randy Stoudt 2. Mike Kellner 3. Ed Trimbur 4. Wayne Pfeil Jr. 5. Kyle Merkel 6. Danny Snyder 7. Chuck Schutz 8. Buddy Wharton 9. Dean Stoudt 10. Brian Shuey 11. John Giesler 12. Bill Henning 13. Bryon Sipe 14. Ron Coverly 15. Rick Todorow 16. John Favinger 17. Eric Snoke 18. Matt Carter 19. Ron Kline 20. Harry Henning III (Balance did not finish) 21. Dallas Breidenbach 22. Dennis Pieper
15 LAP Hatfield Quality Meats Legends Stock Car Feature Finish: 1. Todd McCollum 2. Brian Weitzel 3. Scott Houdeshell 4. Jason Rochelle 5. Bill Diehl 6. Clint Penkaukus 7. Reed Salony 8. Paul McCollum 9. Paul Rochelle 10. Rodney Kistler