BECHTELSVILLE, PA?~ After a thorough investigation that addressed the alleged illegal engine situation at Grandview Speedway, management has announced that effective immediately the ?big bore-short stroke? engines that may be being used by a small number of 358 Modified teams have been found to be illegal based on the Grandview Speedway rule book.
??We have had meetings with a number of engine builders who have been kind enough to share their time and expertise with us,? said Grandview Speedway owner Bruce Rogers. ?With their help we have been able to discover that the engines in question do not completely conform to the rules in place at our track and are outlined in our rule book and we are taking action.
??If this issue had been brought to our attention, rather than insinuated through rumors and hearsay lacking proof, we would have taken these steps even sooner and we would have been able to avoid the needless and certainly unhelpful? media exposure that seems to have been centered on our speedway. We do want to thank all those who assisted us during this investigation.?
?Effective immediately speedway officials will be carefully scrutinizing engines on a random basis and anyone caught running an illegal engine or any illegal equipment will be severely penalized.