~ Race teams traveling to Grandview Speedway are being warned that DOT (Department of Transportation) officers could be setting up INSPECTION STOPS on roads heading to Grandview Speedway and other tracks.
I did speak with a local chief of police and he has told me that the inspections, when they happen, will be centered mostly on SAFETY.
He did suggest that race teams go to WWW.FMCSA.DOT.GOV and that has information on Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. Your questions can be answered there and you can also apply for a DOT number if needed.
They will be sending me a PowerPoint presentation and I will post it at as soon as I have it available.
There is class being set up but the chief did not have the date set as of yet. If I get that information I will pass that along also.
The police chief did say that these inspections are more about having safe vehicles than anything else.
Hopefully this is helpful to all race teams.
Ernie Saxton
For Grandview Speedway