Race Results 05/20/2006

Bechtelsville, Pa. ? Meme DeSantis, the ?Temple Tornado,? rejoined forces with Norm Hansell for the 2006 season at Grandview Speedway and has been struggling somewhat for the first few races. Saturday night the veteran campaigner started 16th and rapidly worked his way to the front. By the 11th lap he was in the runner-up spot challenging Kerry Kratz, driving the Kratz family-owned No. 87. Kratz and DeSantis battled side-by-side for several laps, made some contact, but maintained their  composure.

      DeSantis became the new leader on the 16th lap with Kratz right on his bumper trying to regain the top spot. DeSantis was able to keep Kratz behind him to pull the No. 357 into victory lane for his first NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series 30-lap modified feature of the season in the event sponsored by Auto Locator Magazine.

      Don Norris Jr. grabbed the early lead on the initial start trailed by Steve Swinehart, Kevin Hartnett, Jason Smythe and Kratz.       The red was thrown on the third lap when flames engulfed the rear end of Steve Swinehart?s car and also a multi-car accident on the homestretch that involved Colt Harris, Terry Meitzler, Mike Gular, Doug Manmiller and John Tschudy. Harris was shaken slightly and out of competition while the others pitted, made necessary repairs and rejoined the race. When action resumed Norris Jr. was still the leader with Hartnett putting in his bids for the top spot.

      Hartnett became the new pacesetter on the fifth lap restart needed when Danny Erb, Tom Mayberry and Jon Kellner tangled in the first turn. Kratz followed through for second at the same time to pressure Hartnett.

      Jimmy Reppert stopped in the second turn with a flat right rear tire to bring out the yellow on the tenth lap. Before action resumed, Hartnett relinquished his lead when he went pitside with problems. Hartnett did rejoin the field at the back of the pack. This put Kratz into first with DeSantis in second.

      Kratz wasted no time punching the accelerator on the restart and DeSantis gave him no room to falter. 
      The pair battled door handle to door handle for several laps with Kratz hugging the inside and DeSantis ran the high line. Contact was made between the two, but they held their line.

      While Kratz and DeSantis diced for the lead the action for the remaining positions wa shot and heavy between Larry Solomon, John Willman and Norris Jr.

      By the 20th lap with DeSantis still in the lead Kratz and Solomon were dicing for the runner-up spot. Anticipating a false move by either of the front three were Willman and Ray Swinehart.

      Lap cars were coming into play by the  26th lap and as DeSantis approached some of them, he bobbled a bit coming out of the second turn allowing Kratz and the others to close in.

      DeSantis managed to stay in front of the pack and pulled into the winner?s circle for a well-deserved win which was his 20th career win at the oval. Finishing a close second for his best outing of the season was Kratz followed by Willman, for the second race in a row; Solomon and Swinehart, who both collected their best finishes of the season. Rounding out the top ten were Sean Merkel, Shawn Reimert, Norris Jr.,

Bailey and Ryan Grim.

Bechtelsville, PA ? Mike Kellner charged p