Race Results 05/30/2009

In the second 30-lap feature Ryan Godown took the lead on the third lap and continued his pace the remaining laps to finally have a change of luck to score his first win of the season by a comfortable margin over runner-up Norris Jr.

Troy Wink, now driving for Gary Wagner Jr. who purchased Wink?s equipment, led for two laps before Pauch Jr. stopped in the first turn and was out of contention for the first caution. On the restart Godown charged to the head of the pack while Umbenhauer, Wink, Norris Jr. and Hamilton jockeyed for positions.

The top five running order remained the same as the race continued and by the 13th lap Godown was into lap traffic and had to use heads up driving. The pack regrouped on the 14th lap when Marburger and Brightbill tangled in the third turn to bring out the yellow and Brightbill was out of contention. It was still Godown in front on the restart followed by Brightbill, Norris Jr., Hamilton and Reimert.

Umbenhauer, who appeared to finally have a change of luck and was running a solid second, pulled into the infield with mechanical problems on the 24th lap.

Ray Swinehart brought out the final yellow when he stopped in the second turn on the 27th lap. Godown held his position on the restart, but now the order behind him was comprised of Norris Jr., DeSantis and Howard. The lead never changed and Godown scored his first win of the season as Lady Luck was finally on his side. Finishing second for his best run was Norris Jr., followed by DeSantis, Hamilton and Howard. Rounding out the top ten were Strunk, Von Dohren, Kellner, Reimert and Manmiller. Winner of the Dan?s Deli 1/2-way award for the May 23 show was Brightbill while Godown was the recipient for the May 30 portion.



In the second 20-lap feature Wayne Pfeil, who has come so close to winning on several occasions but not quite able to accomplish the feat, led from start to finish to win his first-ever career feature at the track. Pfeil wasted no time pulling away at the drop of the green leaving Ressler, John Giesler, Henning and Merkel in pursuit.

Nate Christman stopped in the second turn to bring out the yellow on the 10th lap. Pfeil remained the pacesetter when action resumed with Ressler, Merkel, Giesler and Ron Kline right behind. Pfeil ran the high line while Ressler stayed low as the air diced for the lead.

Contact was made between Ressler and Merkel while they battled for second and third and they both spun between the third and fourth turn bringing out the yellow on lap 16. It was still Pfeil showing the way on tte restart, but now Randy Stoudt was in the runner-up position challenging him.

Pfeil never surrendered the lead and pulled into the winner?s circle for a well-deserved victory. Following Pfeil across the line were Stoudt, Shuey, Giesler and Kline. Sixth through tenth were Schutz, Snyder, Kellner, Todorow and Henning.

The Dan?s Deli half-way leader for the May 23 show was Kellner while Pfeil received the award for the May 30 show.


By: Vicki Gehris