Race Results 08/23/2008

Bechtelsville, Pa. ? Many people felt Ryan Godown would not be able to conquer the Berks Co. 1/3-mile of Grandview Speedway. Every week the rookie showed steady improvement and it was only a matter of time before Godown would pilot the Johnny Rea-owned No. R1 into victory lane.

     Saturday night the Ringoes, NJ driver took over the lead on the seventh lap of the 30-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Racing Series modified feature sponsored by Financial House Group and held off the efforts of Jeff Strunk and Jason Hamilton to score his first career win at the track.

     A multi-car accident triggered when drivers near the front were beating and banging one another before the first lap could be scored had the yellow waving. Eliminated for the night was Kevin Hirthler. Bobby Gunther-Walsh was the early leader on the restart trailed by Mark Kratz, John Tschudy, Jason Smythe and Todd Smith.

     Gunther-Walsh led for two laps before M. Kratz overtook him on the third lap restart needed for a second turn tangle.

     Smythe became the new leader on the fifth lap restart caused when Jon Kellner spun in the third turn. Behind Smythe the battle for positions was between Godown, M. Kratz, Gunther-Walsh and Hamilton who started eighth, 15th, third, first and 24th.

     The lead changed again on the seventh lap when Godown charged to the front of the pack to become the new pacesetter. Second through fifth now consisted of Smythe, Kratz, Hamilton and Mme DeSantis, 20th-place starter.

     By the Dan?s Deli 1/2-way Hoagie Award lap Godown, who was the recipient, was already caught up to some of the slower moving traffic and increased the distance between himself and his fellow competitors every time he rounded the track.

     At the conclusion of 20 laps with Godown way in front and Smythe second, there was a three-way battle for third between Hamilton, DeSantis and Strunk, who started in 22nd.

     Hamilton, Strunk and DeSantis moved into second, third and fourth while Smythe fell to fifth on the 24th lap to take chase after Godown.

     Godown?s 1/2-lap lead was erased with 27 laps completed when Marc Fehr came to a half along the backstretch which would prove to see if the finish would change. On the restart Hamilton made contact with Godown, but that didn?t deter him as he held onto first, however it allowed Strunk to overtake second to challenge Godown.

     Strunk made several runs on Godown, who at one time bobbled coming out of turn four, but to no avail.

     Godown was able to hold off Strunk?s last lap charge and pulled into victory lane to the cheers of a crowd-pleasing well-deserved victory with Strunk falling short for the second week in a row. Finishing third was Hamilton followed by DeSantis and Craig Von Dohren, who came on strong after going to the rear early in the race. Rounding

out the top ten were Sean Merkel, who received the Cornerstone Auto Sales Hard Charger Award; Smythe, Terry Meitzler, Doug Manmiller and M. Kratz.





Bechtelsville, PA ? It appeared that rookie Bryon Sipe, the leader from the initial green, was on his way to his first win of the season in the 20-lap NASCAR late model feature on Satu