BLUE BELL, PA JULY 10, 2004 . . . Bringing an end to numerous rumors Chad Sinon has announced that he and Jeff Strunk have ?signed a contract? that will have their modified stock car racing team together until at least the end of 2005.

            ?There had been a lot of rumors circulating that the team would be folding at the end of the season and, quite frankly, I had given some consideration to doing just that. Jeff and I had have been able to work out an agreement that will see Chad Sinon Motorsports/BPG Racing and Jeff Strunk continue together as a team. We plan to race at Grandview Speedway again in 2005 and run the full DIRT Motorsports Southeast Series Big Block Modified Tour,? said Sinon from his Blue Bell, PA office. ?I do miss some races because I do enjoy spending time with my family on as many weekends as I can. But that does not mean I am not serious about my racing efforts.?

            Strunk and Sinon put together a team effort just two months before the 2003 season got the green flag and were able to win the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Modified title at Grandview Speedway. In addition Strunk was a contender in the battle for the lucrative NASCAR New England Regional title (worth close to $50,000) up to the final night of NASCAR point races having to settle for second prize which was worth more than $20,000 in point fund money.

            The Bethel, PA professional racer is considered one of top dirt track modified talents with nine track titles to his credit with three of them coming at his home track Grandview Speedway.

            ?We have really gotten our program together in the last few weeks after a slow start. With four feature wins at Grandview we are back in the thick of the battle for the track title and we are certainly not out of the running for the New England Regional title. We still have almost half a season to go and we will be giving it our best effort for both championships,? said Strunk. ?Nothing would make me happier than being able to win another title at Grandview and the Regional championship (maybe even a National title which would pay $150,000) for Chad. He is absolutely the best car owner I have ever raced for.?

            Both Strunk and Sinon indicated that they were happy to get the rumors ended and have a deal that will allow them to put all their attention to racing.<