BECHTELSVILLE, PA December, 2003 . . . In an effort to bring the late model stock cars racing at NASCAR sanctioned Grandview Speedway in line with other sanctioning organizations and speedways that offer late model competition, event organizer Bruce Rogers has announced some changes effective with the 2004 season.

Late Model stock cars at Grandview Speedway will be limited to 2000 thru the present American made stock car bodies. No fins or raised lips of any kind permitted ANYWHERE along the entire length of the car. No “slope nose” or “wedge” cars are permitted, PERIOD.

In the interest of safety a high back driver’s seat with rib padding is mandatory.

No aluminum frames or front clips permitted in construction of the race car. And all Late Models will have a minimum 104″ wheel base.

Another rule in the interest of safety is that the rear spoiler must be Lexan and clear. No letter or decals allowed on the rear spoiler and it must NOT be suspended above the deck to create a “wing effect.”

Engines must be based on an OEM and must be naturally aspirated.

Inline 6 cylinder engine, maximum (GM-292, Ford 300 cubic inches) allowed. Roller cams permitted. No overhead cams. One 750 CFM carburetor maximum. Do no exceed 320 cubic inches. No V6 engines.

No pressurized fuel systems allowed.

Tires must be TRACK tires.

Only STEEL WHEELS will be permitted.

No “in-cockpit driver controlled” suspension devices are permitted. No weight jacks of any kind permitted. Any driver using the “in-cockpit driver controlled” suspension devices or weight jacks will be disqualified.

All TRACTION CONTROL devices utilizing wheel sensors or any means of measuring ground speed to control wheel spin are strictly prohibited.

Radios are mandatory. No two-way or communication other than track officials is allowed. Each driver is responsible for having their radio in working order at all times.

Transponders are MANDATORY. Light must be facing straight down. It is responsibility of the driver to have a working transponder at all times.

The weight limit for Late Models running 6 cylinder engines is 2200 pounds and 2400 pounds for those running an 8 cylinder engine.

In the interest of safety all racers must have nylon mesh window screens. Racing seats and racing seat belts with shoulder harness (no older than 2 years) are required. A drive-line sling is required. An approved racing helmet is required as is fire resistant driving uniforms, gloves, underwear and socks. Arm restraints are also required.

“Some of these rules and specs are already in place and some are new. A new rule book is being printed and will be available after the New Year. We just wanted to bring our Late Model