BECHTELSVILLE, PA October 14, 2005 . . . Feeling it was a time for some changes, Grandview Speedway event organizer Bruce Rogers has announced a number of rule changes for the Modifieds and the Late Model stock cars taking effect for the 2006 racing season.
 At present plans call for the annual free-to-the-public practice session to take place on Saturday, March 25th at 1 p.m. The session will be open to all divisions of competition. The chase for the lucrative point championships will kick off the 44th season on Saturday, April 1st (April Fool?s Day), with racing action scheduled to start at 7 p.m.
 ?We wanted to give the racing teams plenty of notice regarding the rule changes being put in place for the 2006 season,? said Rogers.  ?We think that these changes will have quite an impact on the racing at Grandview Speedway and will open the door for outsiders to be part of the exciting racing action that we offer.?
 A Grandview Speedway official will be on hand at the Saturday, October 22nd, Racers Flea Market (on the speedway grounds) from 10 a.m. to 12 noon to answer any questions relating to the changes being made.
 Engine rules will now allow any stock appearing steel or cast crankshaft to be allowed. OEM stroke only, with no lightning allowed in any manner. Knife edging, pendulum type cutting, aero edging, etc. is not allowed. No holes are allowed in the main journal center line area. An inspection plug must be installed in the oil pan, one (1?) inch pipe plug minimum, in line with the first two connecting rods. However those with currently sealed engines will not be required to have an oil pan inspection plug until there is an engine rebuild or 2007.
 Only solid steel connecting rods will be allowed.
 With regard to carburetors the 750CFM 11P Series – Part #0-80535-1 or #4779 (with current acceptable modifications) using the current cast iron cylinder heads will be allowed with Chevrolet with 23 degree valve angle; Ford with 20 degree valve angle or Chrysler with
18 degree valve angle.  ALL OTHERS WILL USE THE CURRENT HOLLEY 650 CFM.
 With aluminum cylinder heads (Brodix Spec), carburetor size with the Brodix Spec Head is to be determined.
 Chevrolet Part #SP CH Bare
 Ford Part # SP FO Bare
 Chrysler Part # SP MO Bare
 1. Spec heads will be supplied with CNC bowl blend and intake port match
 2. No grinding or blending of CNC machine work
 3. No grinding, polishing or ?undercover porting? anywhere on casting.
 4. No welding or epoxy permitted.
 5. No titanium valves are permitted BUT titanium retainers are permitted.
 6. Maximum valve size, 2.080 intake and 1.600 exhaust with stem diameter at 11/32?.
 7. Valve angle, position, seats and guides remain as cast.
 8. No altering or reshaping valve guides.
 9. Angle milling is a maximum 1.0 degree.
 10. Serial numbers will remain untouched.
 11. Brodix is the authorized repair facility. Notification, authorization and documentation must be supplied to Grandview Speedway for all repairs.
 PISTONS: Flat Top 3 (three) Ring only with a compression ratio of Maximum 10.5 to 1. 10.51 will incur a penalty. Maximum overbore will be .060?, 360 cubic inch maximum (361 will incur a penalty).
 ENGINE INSPECTIONS will occur at random. Grandview Speedway may request removal of cylinder heads and/or oil pan at random. Any engine violation will incur the loss of ALL MONEY AND POINTS FOR THE EVENT. A second offense will include an INDEFINITE SUSPENSION. An engine inspection by Grandview Speedway officials will be required before reinstatement.
 Changes for the Modified stock cars only include the rear deck maximum height being allowed at 47? from ground. No spoilers or spoiler effects. One inch (1?) tolerance will be allowed.
 No cockpit adj