BECHTELSVILLE, PA June 7, 2007 . . . ?We are disappointed that NASCAR Modified race car driver and car owner Troy Wink (Wink Motorsports) has chosen not to continue racing at Grandview Speedway,? said Tina Rogers Missimer. ?We stand by our decision to have in place rules that are for all the racers and these rules have been in place for a number of years. ?
 After four days of negotiations track management has learned, through a posting on an internet website, that Wink Motorsports has decided that they will no longer compete at Grandview Speedway. The team is not in agreement with Speedway management regarding a rule, that has been in place at the NASCAR sanctioned track for more than six years, that gives penalty points to newcomers and those who miss weekly racing events without advising Speedway management.
 At the beginning of each season each team is advised, with written notice, regarding the PENALTY POINTS rule.
 The rule is the same for Modified and Late Model racers.
 Grandview Speedway allows a driver to have two weeks off for personal business without earning penalty points during the season. These penalty points are used for lining up the qualifying events and have no impact on the championship point standings. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the race driver or car owner to call the speedway or notify one of the officials in the pit office that they will not be able to compete on a given night. A record is kept in the pit office.
 There will be NO EXCEPTIONS made. If officials do not hear from the race team about their car not racing or that the team wishes to use one of their personal nights, the team will automatically receive PENALTY POINTS. Race teams are advised to keep in mind that these penalty points remain with the team for the entire race season.
 ?We did make every effort to come to what we feel was a reasonable solution to Mr. Wink?s complaint even offering to adjust the penalty points,? said Missimer. ?However that solution had to reflect fairness to all the racers that compete at Grandview Speedway and not just one team. As a new racer at Grandview it was Mr. Wink?s responsibility to make himself aware of the rules and procedures that are in place.
 ?Certainly we feel bad that Mr. Wink was injured (not at Grandview Speedway) and was unable to compete in the first couple of events. That was taken into consideration when we offered to make adjustments. The penalty points really have nothing to do with when he started his season with us. As a newcomer he would have had penalty points in place no matter when he started.?
 This rule is in place to keep race teams from trying to manipulate the system and obtain a choice starting position by picking and choosing the events they want to run. In the past teams had been able to figure out the system to the point that some would show up for events only when they had figured they would have a good starting position in a qualifying event. The PENALTY POINT SYSTEM keeps that from happening. It protects the teams that support Grandview Speedway on a regular basis.
 ?Mr. Wink and his team are welcome to return to race at Grandview Speedway,? Missimer said. ?He and his representatives, apparently acting on his behalf, have been advised of the rules and procedures that he will have to follow as mentioned previously. It is the same as it would be for any new racer coming to our track.
 ?We wish the team the very best with their racing efforts. And we do appreciate that Wink Motorsports and their sponsors plan to fulfill the sponsor obligations that they have agreed to for the balance of the season.?
 Wink Motorsports will be the sponsor of the June 16th United Racing Company sprint car and NASCAR modified doubleheader show at Grandview Speedway.