BECHTELSVILLE, PA MARCH 24, 2007 . . . The new season of NASCAR stock car racing at Grandview Speedway will have some new procedures in place that will impact handicapping and provisional starting spots for the Modified stock car racers. In addition new rules regarding radios will be put in place.
 ?All the procedures being put in place we feel will improve racing for both the fans and the racers during the 2007 season,? said promoter Bruce Rogers. ?We think that the changes will add excitement to the events, speed up the shows and reward the top performers.?
 On race nights when there are 50 modifieds or more trying to qualify there will be five 12-lap qualifying heats with four cars qualifying for the feature race from each heat. The first through third place finishers will transfer to the feature in the first 15 spots, lowest in points of the qualified drivers will start first. Feature starting positions 16th through 20th will be filled by the fourth place finishing driver from each heat race. If the previous weeks feature winner qualifies in a transfer position he/she will start 15th. The three consolation races, 10 laps each, will take three cars each for the feature making a starting field of 29 cars.
 Should there be nights when only four qualifying heats (12 laps each) are needed; five cars will qualify for the feature from each heat. Positions one through three will transfer to the feature in the first 12 spots, lowest in points of the qualified drivers starts first. Positions 13 through 20th in the feature race will be the fourth and fifth place finishers from each heat race. If the previous weeks feature winner qualifies in a transfer position he/she will start 12th. The three consolation races will see three cars from each event qualify for the feature race making a 29 car starting field.
 Qualifying heat races will be lined up using the straight handicap system that puts the low point racers to the front and the racers in the high point standings positions to the back.
 Each qualifying heat race for the Modifieds will carry a $50 reward for the winner.
 Again in 2007 Grandview Speedway will offer Modified stock car racers the opportunity for provisional starting positions.
 The top ten drivers in NASCAR track point standings from the end of 2006 will be entitled to ONE provisional feature race start during the 2007 season. Each top ten Modified car owner from the end of the 2006 season will be eligible to use ONE provisional start in 2007.
 During the 2007 season drivers in the top ten in 2007 Modified points will be eligible for ONE provisional starting position during the ENTIRE season.
 ?The new provisional starting program will make it possible for a team to use three provisionals total during the season if needed and if they qualify for them,? said race director Mike Kelly. Those who may have questions should e-mail me at KellyMI@PTD.NET.
 There will be no changes in the Late Model race procedures.
 Raceceiver radios will be MANDATORY for both the Modifieds and Late Models effective June 1, 2007. Radios and transponders must be maintained in good WORKING condition.
 The 2007 season at Grandview Speedway will kick off with a free-to-the-public practice session on Saturday, March 31st at noon. All types of racecars are invited to participate. Many of the NASCAR Modified and Late Model racers that compete at Grandview Speedway on a regular basis will use the practice day to test and tune their equipment for opening day.
 On Saturday, April 7th, 7 p.m. the NASCAR Modifieds will be featured in a 40-lap championship event while the NASCAR Late Models make up the second part of the opening night card of action packed stock car racing. Racers will go through the grandstands collecting money for veteran modifi