The talented NASCAR Modified racer who has been a fixture at Grandview Speedway for a number of years is currently without a Saturday night ride. Reimert has informed us that he has told Tony and Dee Saracino that he will not be driving their #91 Modified on Saturday nights at Grandview.
 He appreciates the opportunity they gave him last year and he was happy to give them their first feature win after 39 years of owning race cars. He had nothing but wonderful things to say about them.
 However he has decided to seek new opportunities and has sponsors, crew and a shop to offer to a new car owner. He would love to continue to race at Grandview Speedway but is willing to consider offers at other racing facilities.
 He is anxious to hear from any car owners.
 As for Friday nights Reimert, who won the Central Pennsy Speedway small block modified title in 2005, is up in the air. He has been told that the track will only be running special events but has also heard that might change. He and the #55 small block owners are up in the air with their Friday night plans hoping they will be able to return to the track where they won the championship.
 Reimert and the #55 team want to be racing somewhere on Friday nights and Big Diamond Raceway is not out of the question.
 If there are car owners with serious offers that would like to talk with Shawn Reimert please contact me at 215.752.7797 or 215.752.2392 and I will be happy to pass along a telephone number.

Ernie Saxton