Sportsman Freedom 38, MASS 305 Sprint Cars, Modified Practice

General Admission: Adults: $12, Children (6-11): $5, Under 6: FREE!

Grandstand Gates: 5:30 PM | Racing: 7:30 PM



49th Annual Freedom 76
358 Modifieds, 76 Laps, $25,000-to-win
Raindate: Saturday, September 28
Pit Gates: 9:00 AM
Technical Inspection: 9:00 AM
Advanced Ticket Holder Gates Open: 3:00 PM
General Grandstand Gates Open: 3:30 PM
Competitor Registration Closes: 4:00 PM
Competitors Draw for Position: 4:30 PM
Drivers’ Meeting: 5:15 PM
Warm-Ups: 6:00 PM
Racing: 7:00 PM

General Admission: Adults: $40,  Children (6-11): $10, Under 6: Free
Pit Admission: $45 (No NASCAR License Needed)


For 53 years, fans of Grandview Speedway have had the opportunity to watch the greatest drivers on dirt roar around the one-third mile high-banks.  Here we look back those winners and champions and celebrate the history that has happened on ‘the hill.”

2017ModifiedCraig VonDohren
2016ModifiedCraig VonDohren
2015ModifedCraig VonDohren
2014ModifiedJeff Strunk
2013ModifiedCraig VonDohren
2012ModifiedDuane Howard
2011ModifiedJeff Strunk
2010ModifiedDuane Howard
2009ModifiedJeff Strunk
2008ModifiedJeff Strunk
2007ModifiedJeff Strunk
2006ModifiedCraig VonDohren
2005ModifiedJeff Strunk
2004ModifiedJeff Strunk
2003ModifiedJeff Strunk
2002ModifiedJeff Strunk
2001ModifiedCraig Von Dohren
2000ModifiedJeff Strunk
1999ModifiedTerry Meitzler
1998ModifiedRay Swinehart
1997Sportsman-ModifiedDuane Howard
1996Sportsman-ModifiedDuane Howard
1995Sportsman-ModifiedRay Swinehart
1994Sportsman-ModifiedDavey Wenger
1993Sportsman-ModifiedDuane Howard
1992Sportsman-ModifiedCraig Von Dohren
1991Sportsman-ModifiedTom Mayberry
1990Sportsman-ModifiedCraig Von Dohren
1989Sportsman-ModifedCraig Von Dohren
1988Sportsman-ModifiedCraig Von Dohren
1987Sportsman-ModifiedRonnie Tobias
1986Sportsman-ModifiedJack Follweiler
1985SportsmanLarry Acker
1984SportsmanDennis Thomas
1983SportsmanFred Rahmer
1982SportsmanSmokey Warren
1981SportsmanDennis Bailey
1980SportsmanFred Rahmer
1979SportsmanSmokey Warren
1978SportsmanJohn Blackley
1977SportsmanFrancis Hardner
1976SportsmanPete Damiani
1975SportsmanDon Loder
1974SportsmanBob Sweigart
1973SportsmanMike Erb
1972SportsmanDave Kelly
1971SportsmanEd Mumford
1970SportsmanRoger Richter
1969SportsmanWarren Mutter
1968SportsmanWarren Mutter
1967SportsmanDon Loder and Bill Buehrle (tie)
1966SportsmanRuss Smith
1965SportsmanRed Coffin
1964SportsmanWarren Mutter
1963ModifiedsDick Havens
Craig VonDohren1024-25-818-4-17
Duane Howard716-04-888-27-16
Jeff Strunk666-18-886-3-17
Rick Schaffer516-24-786-19-04
Fred Rahmer456-02-799-07-85
Warren Mutter365-19-73
Tom Mayberry348-28-769-06-03
Ray Swinehart286-10-786-13-15
Meme DeSantis264-29-006-15-13
Doug Manmiller266-25-947/15/2017
Mike Geiser239-19-709-27-81
Terry Meitzler237-06-917-20-13
Billy Pauch227-03-869-09-00
Eddie Mumford1810-03-709-27-75
Smokey Warren186-11-779-05-98
Jon Kellner164-16-948-17-13
Chip Slocum169-10-945-22-99
Don Loder1510-03-656-07-75
Mike Erb145-05-736-28-80
Kerry Kratz145-02-924-17-04
Jerry Rice136-22-745-03-80
Eddie Remp126-27-70
Randy Bailey127-19-866-20-98
Kevin Hirthler128-25-074/8/2017
Roger Richter118-30-646-13-70
Charley Gilmore119-25-668-22-87
Francis Hardner115-04-747-28-84
Davey Wenger115-10-865-14-94
Booby Seidel Sr.108-03-686-12-71
Pete Damiani108-30-697-29-78
Mike Kelly106-08-746-21-80
John Blackley108-02-755-29-82
Jack Follweiler104-28-845-04-91
Russ Smith94-15-78
Marty Acker910-24-65
Al Rahmer910-20-689-14-74
Paul Koch99-04-766-22-96
Dave McGough97-17-8210-09-88
Billy Schinkel96-20-878-31-91
Ronnie Tobias97-04-878-22-92
Red Coffin85-10-647-17-66
Glenn Fitzcharles86-24-679-16-72
Ronnie Peck810-17-717-10-82
Kenny Gilmore87-28-905-03-03
Todd Rittenhouse78-21-6610-17-71
Larry Solomon74-21-795-14-05
Glenn Strunk78-14-939-25-10
Kevin Hartnett77-09-945-27-06
Bucky Williams69-27-648-19-67
Chris Skias66-27-656-10-67
Dave Kelly68-14-718-25-73
Donny Erb65-27-894-10-99
Fred Rahmer Sr.56-21-699-01-73
Dennis Thomas57-18-816-23-90
Larry Acker55-25-859-20-86
Shawn Reimert55-04-968-27-05
Roy Garloff45-02-657-15-67
Paul Fitzcharles44-19-706-05-71
Dave Sassaman47-31-718-04-73
Jim Baker45-21-729-09-72
Bob Sweigart46-30-735-17-75
Rick Buckwalter49-23-798-29-92
Doug Pannepacker410-14-797-19-97
Dennis Bailey45-17-805-29-93
Jim Bagley47-12-867-02-94
Ron Haring46-24-897-10-99
Ryan Godown48-23-084-10-10
Frank Cozze57-13-136/10/2017
Mike Gular47-02-057/8/2017
Leroy Leibelsberger38-25-635-24-64
Bob McCullough36-15-686-06-70
Harry Turner37-25-815-19-84
Rudy Gular38-22-818-25-90
Gary Grim310-04-814-26-86
Kenny Brightbill39-08-904-17-93
Sam Schoenly36-27-928-12-00
Kenny Gruber34-13-968-21-99
John Willman35-08-994-03-10
Sean Merkel37-24-047-14-07
Kyle Weiss44-29-067-16-16
Don Norris Jr.36-28-087-21-12
Brad Missimer38-15-099-11-10
Brett Kressley36-11-169/9/2017
Bobby Brack28-18-638-18-63
Bobby Bottcher29-06-649-20-64
Frank Wunderlich25-02-6510-19-69
Bill Buehrle27-22-677-27-68
Harry Garber28-12-679-15-73
Ronnie Dunstan27-26-645-28-67
Dave Hollenbaugh29-13-6910-19-69
Don Miller27-22-727-22-72
Frank Snyder29-23-725-07-77
Roger Knappenberger27-07-739-22-73
Russ Fagley26-21-757-16-77
Dale Creyer27-12-757-19-75
Doug Hoffman24-16-839-15-84
Ken Carberry27-07-845-09-87
Mike Nicholas25-04-855-18-85
Paul Richards28-15-878-29-87
Richie Tobias25-20-894-21-90
Brian Kressley26-22-917-31-93
Keith Haring28-10-918-30-97
Sammy Martz26-18-946-07-97
Steve Bottcher24-29-954-27-96
Steve Folk26-24-958-29-98
Keith Brightbill29-28-029-28-02
Ryan Watt29-06-039-03-05
Danny Erb26-25-057-18-15
Tommy Scheetz Jr.26-09-075-23-09
Jason Hamilton28-04-075-31-08
Jon Kellner Jr.25-09-099-03-11
Stewart Friesen24-05-149-20-14
Mike Kellner28-16-148-15-15
Jared Umbenhauer29/5/20157/15/2017
Tim Buckwalter27-19-148/26/2017
Dick Grimley14-12-64
Ray Stauffer14-26-64
Dick Hauer16-28-64
Don Hersh17-05-64
Dave Marburger1
Harold Bunting1
Will Botcher1
Carl Steffy17-18-65
Jim Kemerer110-31-65
Red Freeman18-28-66
Fred Locke110-02-66
Earl Keinert18-31-68
Johnny Coy15-10-69
Jay Stong17-17-71
George Karns16-03-72
Barry Miller18-19-72
Ed Adams16-02-73
Leon Altemose16-16-73
Roger Altemose110-20-73
Harry Neiman15-25-74
Dick White18-18-74
Stan Landis18-24-74
Fred Brightbill110-05-74
Doug Carlyle19-17-77
Tom Hern14-22-78
Bobby Hauer19-09-78
Paul Lotier19-20-80
Mike Wells19-28-80
Bob Emerich15-16-81
Dr. Dan Cox18-08-81
Rusty Widger16-23-84
Charlie Eckert14-12-86
Don Schweitzer15-23-87
Chad Ulrich15-30-87
Kenny Rogers17-11-87
Elvin Felty16-11-88
Mike Gilmore17-09-88
Ron Solomon17-01-89
Newt Hartman17-15-89
Bob Lineman16-02-90
Terry Budwash19-01-90
Rich Lindaberry18-20-94
Mike Meyers18-27-94
Dave Faust16-08-96
Junior Mikosz18-16-97
Mike Bailey16-20-98
Todd Heydt15-29-99
Steve Swinehart15-08-04
Tracey Readinger17-31-04
Tom Umbenhauer18-16-08
Chris Esposito19-20-08
Billy Pauch Jr.16-06-09
Addison Meitzler17-25-09
Mike Laise17-09-11
Jarred Miller16-09-12
Gary Hager18-25-12
Danny Johnson18-09-14
Ryan Grim15-02-15
Ron Seltmann16-06-15
Kyle Borror16-04-16
Brian Krummel15/20/2017
Clay Butler19/9/2017
9/15/2018Duane Howard
9/16/2017Jeff Strunk
9/10/2016Jeff Strunk
9/19/2015Craig VonDohren
9/20/2014Stewart Friesen
9/14/2013Jeff Strunk
9/15/2012Jeff Strunk
9/17/2011Duane Howard
9/18/2010Meme DeSantis
9/19/2009Meme DeSantis
9/13/2008Craig VonDohren
9/8/2007Jeff Strunk
9/9/2006Craig VonDohren
9/10/2005Ray Swinehart
9/11/2004Jeff Strunk
9/14/2003Jeff Strunk
9/14/2002Meme DeSantis
9/8/2001Craig Von Dohren
9/9/2000Billy Pauch
9/11/1999Duane Howard
9/12/1998Billy Pauch
9/13/1997Duane Howard
9/14/1996Billy Pauch
9/9/1995Donny Erb
9/10/1994Chip Slocum
9/11/1993Duane Howard
9/5/1992Billy Pauch
9/7/1991Billy Pauch
9/8/1990Kenny Brightbill
9/9/1989Billy Schinkel
9/10/1988Billy Pauch
9/26/1987Davey Wenger
9/13/1986Tom Mayberry
9/14/1985Craig Von Dohren
9/15/1984Doug Hoffman
9/17/1983Fred Rahmer
9/18/1982Smokey Warren
9/19/1981Fred Rahmer
9/20/1980Paul Lotier
9/15/1979John Blackley
9/9/1978Bobby Hauer
9/16/1977Doug Carlyle
9/18/1976Pete Damiani
9/27/1975Eddie Mumford
10/12/1974Mike Erb
9/22/1973Roger Knappenberger
9/16/1972Glenn Fitzcharles
9/19/1971Ed Mumford
8/13/2016Craig VonDohren
8/8/2015Craig VonDohren
8/9/2014Danny Johnson
8/10/2013Duane Howard
8/11/2012Kevin Hirthler
8/20/2011Craig VonDohren
8/14/2010Duane Howard
8/1/2009Ryan Godown
8/2/2008Craig VonDohren
8/4/2007Jason Hamilton
8/5/2006Craig VonDohren
8/6/2005Ray Swinehart
8/7/2004Jon Kellner Sr.pvl_forrestrogers_33
8/2/2003Meme DeSantis
8/3/2002Meme DeSantis
8/4/2001Craig Von Dohrenpvl_forrestrogers_31
8/5/2000Jeff Strunkpvl_forrestrogers_30
8/7/1999Tom Mayberrypvl_forrestrogers_29
8/8/1998Rick Schafferpvl_forrestrogers_28
8/2/1997Terry Meitzlerpvl_forrestrogers_27
8/3/1996Ray Swinehart
8/5/1995Chip Slocum
8/6/1994Kerry Kratz
8/7/1993Billy Pauch
8/1/1992Tom Mayberrypvl_forrestrogers_22
8/3/1991Billy Pauchpvl_forrestrogers_21
8/4/1990Jeff Strunk
8/5/1989Billy Schinkelpvl_forrestrogers_19
8/6/1988Ray Swinehartpvl_forrestrogers_18
8/8/1987Jack Follweilerpvl_forrestrogers_17
8/9/1986Craig Von Dohren
8/10/1985Jack Follweiler
8/4/1984Fred Rahmer
8/6/1983Fred Rahmer
8/7/1982Fred Rahmer
8/8/1981Dr. Dan Cox
8/2/1980Fred Rahmer
9/1/1979Smokey Warren
8/19/1978Mike Geiser
8/20/1977Mike Geiser
8/14/1976Mike Erb
8/9/1975Charley Gilmore
8/10/1974Charley Gilmore
8/25/1973Dave Kelly
8/5/1972Eddie Mumford
8/7/1971Eddie Mumford
2017Chuck SchutzLate Model
2016Chuck SchutzLate Model
2015Chuck SchutzLate Model
2014Randy StoudtLate Model
2013Jason MillerLate Model
2012Chuck SchutzLate Model
2011Chuck SchutzLate Model
2010Brian ShueyLate Model
2009Brian ShueyLate Model
2008Chuck SchutzLate Model
2007Brian ShueyLate Model
2006Chuck SchutzLate Model
2005Ron KlineLate Model
2004Chuck SchutzLate Model
2003Randy StoustLate Model
2002Lou EgrieLate Model
2001John DurlingLate Model
2000Dean StoudtLate Model
1999Jeff TeetsLate Model
1998Chuck SchutzLate Model
1997Lou EgrieLate Model
1996Ed AikinLate Model
1995Terry BartikLate Model
1994John GieslerLate Model
1993Dean StoudtLate Model
1992Jon KellnerLate Model
1991Dean StoudtLate Model
1990Dean StoudtLate Model
1989Jon KellnerLate Model
1988Jon KellnerLate Model
1987Jon KellnerLate Model
1986Jon KellnerLate Model
1985John GieslerLate Model
1984John GieslerLate Model
1983Bob GreenLate Model
1982Tom MortonLate Model
1980Barry AmoleLate Model
1979Butch HinnershitzLate Model
1978Butch HinnershitzLate Model
1977Rich LindaberryLate Model
1976Butch HinnershitzLate Model
1975Ronnie PeckLate Model
1974Ronnie PeckLate Model
1973Bob HigginbothamLate Model
1972Ronnie RobertsLate Model
1971E.B. SmithLate Model
1970Dave PosavecLate Model
1969Paul FitzcharlesLate Model
1968Rich BenfieldLate Model
1967Fred Rahmer Sr.Late Model
1966Rich BenfieldHobbies
1965Rich BenfieldHobbies
Randy Stoudt67
Jon Kellner58
Chuck Schutz488/4/2017
Ron Kline406/17/2017
Dave Posavec39
Ron Schnable33
Mike Kellner30
Brian Shuey228/26/2017
Ray Brinckman19
Ronnie Peck18
Dean Stoudt18
Butch Hinnerschitz16
Jeff Teets16
Tom Terry15
Ed Aiken15
Larry Stoudt14
Bob Higginbotham13
Carl Ruppert13
Tom Herbert12
John Durling12
Bob Heller11
Jason Miller11
Sean Merkel11
Wayne Pfeil118/19/2017
Craig Knecht10
Bob Green10
Barry Amole10
Jack Montgomery10
John Giesler10
Chris Shuey10
Harry Fletcher9
E.B. Smith9
Francis Hardner9
Rick Todorow9
Sam Schlosberg9
Danny Snyder9
Bill Nickerson8
Terry Bartik8
Lou Egrie8
Bill Henning8
Chuck Sennott8
Rich Lindaberry7
Junior Grebe7
Steve Gross7
Ed Hoffman7
Terry Snyder7
Ken Neuhauser6
Smokey Sheeler6
Don Kellner6
Bob Delphias5
Rich Benfield5
Dick Grimley5
Smokey Smith5
Paul Fitzcharles5
Tom Morton5
Johnny Seip4
Jim Jacob4
Ronnie Roberts4
Elmer Rushong4
Damon Paduka4
Mark Minotto4
Ed Trimbur4
Gary Huff3
Jim Rothenberger3
Todd Rittenhouse3
Doug Walton3
Charlie Weller3
Dave Miller3
Rudy Gular3
Jeff Leiphart3
Kyle Merkel3
Kory Fleming3
Cory Merkel3
Bryon Sipe37/29/2017
Dave Bauer2
Terry Benner2
Ron Christman2
Bill Conover2
Artie Greenman2
George Grote2
Harry Grubb2
Bruce Harmony2
Duane Howard2
Bill Jordan2
C.C. Lick2
Rick Mutter2
Steve Nederostek2
Harry Neiman2
Paul Newton2
Dave Ogin2
Ronnie Paulson2
Kyle Pennsinger2
Frank Puskoskie2
Gary Schoch2
Jim Stong2
Bob Swavely2
Mark Weaver2
Dennie Zerbe2
Lou Egrie Jr.28-22-159/9/2017
Larry Acker1
Bill Arndt1
Tom Blackwell1
Dub Border1
Butch Campion1
Jim Davis1
Glenn Fitzcharles1
Dave Graber1
Andy Gresko1
Scott Haus1
Stan Janiszewski1
Ed Jones1
Hack Jones1
Charlie Kope1
Don Kummerer1
Scott Lee1
Phil Leininger1
Ray Mancinelli1
John Martin1
Mac McLaughlin1
Jimmy Meitzler Sr.1
Dave Melcer1
Barry Minotto1
Doug Pannepacker1
Dave Sassaman1
Mike Schantzenbach1
Billy Schinkel1
Carl Schwenk1
Bill Shafer1
D.B. Smith1
Dennis Somers1
Dave Stark1
Mike Steinmetz1
Ed Strawhacker1
Elias Walter1
Mike Wharton1
John Willman1
Chris Wojnar1
Ray Swinehart15-03-03
Steve Sennott18-30-03
Lee Miller15-22-04
Greg Hoffmaster15-06-06
Nate Christman18-01-09
Steve Wilson18-25-12
Drew Weiser16-11-16
Steve Todorow19-03-16
Blaine Emery14/29/2017
Saturday, July 16, 2016Wayne Pfeil
 Saturday, July 04, 2015  Sean Merkel 
 Saturday, July 05, 2014  Randy Stoudt 
 Saturday, July 06, 2013  Danny Snyder 
 Saturday, July 14, 2012  Danny Snyder 
 Saturday, July 02, 2011  Ron Kline 
 Saturday, July 03, 2010  Chuck Schutz 
 Saturday, July 03, 2010  Chuck Schutz 
 Saturday, July 04, 2009  Ron Kline 
 Saturday, July 05, 2008  Mike Kellner 
 Saturday, July 07, 2007  Randy Stoudt 
 Saturday, July 01, 2006  Chuck Schutz 
 Saturday, July 02, 2005  Randy Stoudt 
 Saturday, July 03, 2004  Chuck Schutz 
 Saturday, July 05, 2003  Bill Henning 
 Saturday, July 06, 2002  Randy Stoudt 
 Saturday, July 07, 2001  Rick Todorow 
 Saturday, July 01, 2000  Kyle Pensinger 
 Saturday, July 03, 1999  Randy Stoudt 
 Sunday, July 05, 1998  Ron Chrisman 
 Saturday, July 05, 1997  Randy Stoudt 
 Saturday, July 06, 1996  Terry Bartik 
 Saturday, July 01, 1995  Ed Aikin 
 Saturday, July 02, 1994  Dean Stoudt 
 Saturday, July 03, 1993  Steve Gross 
 Saturday, July 04, 1992  Ron Schnable 
 Saturday, July 06, 1991  Jon Kellner Sr. 
 Saturday, June 30, 1990  Don Kellner 
 Saturday, July 01, 1989  Jon Kellner Sr. 
 Saturday, July 02, 1988  Jon Kellner Sr. 
 Saturday, July 04, 1987  Ed Hoffman 
 Saturday, July 05, 1986  Jon Kellner Sr. 
 Saturday, July 13, 1985  Ron Schnable 
 Saturday, July 07, 1984  Ron Schnable 
 Saturday, July 02, 1983  Ron Schnable 
 Saturday, July 10, 1982  D. B. Smith 
 Saturday, July 11, 1981  Jack Montgomery 
 Saturday, July 12, 1980  Barry Amole 
 Saturday, June 30, 1979  Barry Amole 
 Saturday, July 01, 1978  Bill Jordan 
 Saturday, July 02, 1977  Hack Jones 
 Saturday, July 10, 1976  Elmer Rushong 
 Saturday, July 05, 1975  Dave Posavec 
 Saturday, July 06, 1974  Ronnie Peck 
 Saturday, July 07, 1973  Elmer Rushong 
 Saturday, July 08, 1972  Dennis Zerbe 
 Saturday, July 03, 1971  Dick Grimley 
2017SportsmanBrian Hirthler
2016SportsmanJordan Henn
2015SportsmanBrett Kressley
2014SportsmanJared Umbenhauer
2013SportsmanJared Umbenhauer
2012SportsmanJared Umbenhauer
Jared Umbenhauer184-07-129-12-14
Brett Kressley124-13-135-02-15
Craig Whitmoyer95-12-127/8/2017
Mike Lisowski87-27-136/17/2017
Ryan Lilick77-18-155/20/2017
Paul Kline66-01-138-20-16
Brad Brightbill54-14-128-22-15
Kenny Gilmore46-09-125-30-15
Brian Papiez46-11-169-03-16
Dylan Swinehart38-13-167/15/2017
Bob Lilick Jr.24-28-125-19-12
Kevin Beach Jr.24-28-124-27-13
Kyle Borror26-16-125-04-13
Joe Funk27-14-128-17-13
Guy Germano29-01-128-09-14
Brad Arnold27-11-156-25-16
Brian Hirthler26-14-144/8/2017
Brad Grim27/8/20177/29/2017
Mark Kemmerer28-01-159/9/2017
Corey Sechrist16-02-12
Mike Stringer16-23-12
Erik Renninger16-30-12
John Kovatch IV18-18-12
Jeff Sechrist14-11-15
Brett Gilmore16-13-15
Sean Weiss18-08-15
Jim Housworth14-16-16
Jordan Henn14-30-16
Ryan Beltz15-28-16
Brandon Grosso19-09-16
Ryan Higgs15/27/2017
Kyle Lilick16/10/2017
Derrick Smith18/26/2017
John McGovern18/4/2017
Steve Young18/26/2017