BECHTELSVILLE, PA    MAY 26, 2022    .   .   .   .   .  The first ever  Pioneer Pole Building BALLS TO THE WALL 50 for 358 Modifieds is set to take place at the Grandview Speedway this Sunday night, May 29.    The SpeedSTR’s will join this special doubleheader that will open the 2022 NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series.  This event will also mark the first of two Tri-Track races at Grandview this season.   Gates open at 5 PM with race time set for 7:30 PM.    Competitors are to be advised that racing fuel and tires will not be available at the track on race night.


A star filled roster of 358 modifieds is building for this very unique format that will offer a possible $13,000  payout to the winner.   Craig Von Dohren, Duane Howard, Jeff Strunk, Brett Kressley, Billy Pauch Jr., Danny Bouc, Tim Buckwalter, Louden Reimert, Jared Umbenhauer,  Doug Manmiller, Matt Stangle,  Craig Whitmonyer and Kevin and Brian Hirthler are just a few of the pre entries.


This is an invert race where second just won’t do!  This event is a high paying, short distance race of strategy that will work this way.


After a series of modified qualifying events, that will $200 to win courtesy of GT Radiators,  the top twelve drivers will draw to determine the Ball to the Wall 50 lap starting line-up.   For cars outside of the top twelve, they will line-up straight-up off their qualifying positions. 


This all sounds fairly routine up to this point, but it all gets very interesting when we reach lap 30.   This invert race will offer a bonus to the top ten drivers on lap 30 and lap 40 paying $1,500 to the leader, $400 for second, $200 for third, $100 for fourth with $50 going to fifth through tenth.    


So that sounds pretty simple, but wait, there is a twist.  The yellow flag will slow the field on lap 30 and lap 40 and the top four cars will invert.  The leader drops back to fourth and the fourth place car advances to the pole.   All other drivers hold their positions.  The event will go with double-file restarts up to lap 48.  This will certainly mix things up and challenge all drivers to their own strategy for the second half of the 50 lap feature.


With the base purse being $5,000 to win the PPB 50 lap Balls to the Wall, leading laps 30 and 40 will earn an extra $3,000 making it an eye catching $8,000 to win.  But wait, it gets better.   If a driver does the sweep of leading lap 30, 40 and 50, they earn the additional PPB $5,000 will go to the winner making it a $13,000 payday.   This will be a “Balls to the Wall” event that will guarantee $1,000 for tenth and $500 just to start the feature event. 


Some driver quotes about the race format include Duane Howard,  “ What a unique event, leading and winning lap 30 only to get handicapped back to the second row to try again and then again, drivers will have to hang ‘em out on the high-banks!  Going to be fun.”   


Billy Pauch Jr., “Well, it’s different. . . .  I’ll be there with both cars, I’m all in for it.”   


Kevin Hirthler, “I like the formant but there is no strategy for me other then to run my ass off. “


Craig Von Dohren, “A never before format that should get interesting.”    


Jeff Strunk, “This sounds great and it’s going to involve some strategy from the drivers that will play out during the race.”


Louden Reimert, “Very interesting and unique format, we will be there.”  


Doug Manmiller, “This is an interesting concept for the race.   The fans will enjoy it and it will possibly make for some strategy for the drivers.”


Also, Brett Kressley added, “It’s going to be exciting and maybe the fans will like it more then the drivers, and there is lots of money to be made.” 


Advance tickets may also be ordered by calling 443 513 4456.   Please speak clearly, provide your name and the number of tickets you need.   Tickets may be paid for and picked up on race night at the will call window at 4:30.   Advance ticket holders may enter the grandstand at that time.   General admission tickets go on sale at 5 PM.


To be eligible to draw and for the posted bonus money, drivers must pre-enter by calling 443-513-4456.    There is no entry fee.  Please provide drivers name and phone number.


Several drivers may be doing double duty and expected SpeedSTR entries include Billy Pauch, Billy Pauch Jr, Ryan Krachun,  Briggs Danner,  Alex Bright, Tim Buckwalter, Tom Mayberry and Richie Tobias Jr.


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